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COCO DE MER nut shells

In order to purchase COCO de Mer Nut shell, one shall

  1. Address the request via our email address seychellessouvenir@gmail.com
  2. Advise the expected size of the nut shell. Due to natural object availability of the selected size may be limited. Upon request the available options will be provided.
  3. Price range for the shell may vary from 450USD to 700USD- the price includes fumigation and Bio Diversity Certificate
  4. Shipping cost will depend on the final destination and the shipping Courier Agent selected.

Exclusive Souvenir Collection

Seychelles are famous not only for being a legendary paradise whose islands are scattered throughout the Indian Ocean. Mother Nature has honored Seychelles with the talented artists and sculptors, musicians and the authors from Seychelles and all over the world, who live and create here. One should not miss the biggest nut in the world- Coco de Mer, of course.

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