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Online Souvenir Store (Seychelles)

Online Souvenir Store(Seychelles) is the project to combine marketing and sales points in one place in order to promote Seychelles culture, present digitally unique species of locally produced souvenir products and present the artists, masters and the history behind those products and the culture of Seychelles in general. Online souvenir store (Seychelles) aims to have the delivery and/or shipping of the products as the main feature of the project. It is as well should be able to focus a lot promoting the participants and their items.

Being inspired by the culture and the nature of Seychelles- we have created and developed the first online platform in Seychelles which will contain marketing (blog) and sales(store) points for as many products, produced in Seychelles for souvenir purposes to generate worldwide interest to invest into selected locally produced items and species.

It is very important in the current world situation to remain open and stay close to those who consider Seychelles as one of the most attractive destinations in the world. We would like to provide flexibility, choice and anytime availability of souvenirs for the shoppers.

We believe it is crucial to deliver worldwide the art of Seychelles in any kind it is being presented, whether it is a painting, singer’s album, unique jewelry or coconut oil naturally sourced from fresh coconuts- all are of interest to worldwide market.

Online Souvenir Store (Seychelles) aims to help increase awareness of Seychelles, Seychelles’ culture and Seychelles’ uniqueness.

Today we invite artists, local producers, craft makers and all who creates authentic species in Seychelles to send us an email to or message us (WhatsApp us) on +248 2619533 in order to express the willinless to be presented in the project.

Let us promote Seychelles’s best together.

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