Reveil Seychellois

“Reveil Seychellois (Seychellois Awakening)- is the story of the first few generations to live in Seychelles. The story starts when the first settlers arrived in 1770 and cleared land to build the first homes, plant the first crops and start the first industries. It continues through to the dawn of the twentieth century by which time the islands were home to a thriving community with businesses, churches, schools and sports teams! This book charters the major historical events and the political, religious and social influences shaped the society”.

‘Voices’ is the collection of Seychelles short stories by Glynn Burridge describes the strange secrets, realities and fantasies of life on Seychelles’ Outer Islands where the author lived for two decades.

Reviewed by the BBC as ‘beautiful and powerful’, ‘Voices’ was also selected by journalist and author Anne Morgan as one of her preferred Seychelles books as she read her way around the world and will lead you on an unforgettably rich literary adventure into the twilight of the fast-disappearing world of the true Seychelles islander.