Fruit Bat

Whole coconut craft. Handmaking of objects of Seychelles’ Fauna from Tortoise to Fruit bat.

Seychelles coconuts developed to souvenirs without removing the nut from inside.

Handcrafted in Seychelles

What is your favorite symbol of Seychelles? 🏝Share your thoughts under the post

A NEW collection of 3D design handcrafted mugs is being prepared to celebrate Seychelles specials.🇸🇨

These mugs will become one of the best and most amazing souvenir presents. 🎁

This is a handcrafted product. It is safe for use and hand washable. The materials used are environment friendly and do not harm your health. NOT FOR MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER USE.

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Handmade from Seychelles this candleholder will bring the atmosphere of romance and tropical vibes to your place.

All our coconut shells are sanded and equipped with the holder for the tea candle inside and the stand outside for extra stability and safety. 

Size and material:

Make a friend from Seychelles by getting yourself the cutest Octopus Toy.

Bring handmade toy to your loved ones.

Select your favorite color or place a custom order

The size of the mobile is

20cm the radius

Total length 35-40cm

Handmade in Seychelles

Size 7-10cm

Looking for a gift for special occasion or a piece of elegant jewelry for yourself? We have created a new edition to Coco de mer classics collection. These handcrafted studs are available in golden and silver colours. Same as stones applied are blicking with colorful or silver shines

Material: stainless steel, rhinestones

size Coco de Mer: 0,9 cm

comes in a box with the gift bag
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A classic mug with a handmade design of the sea world of Seychelles. This is a unique souvenir for your close ones or yourself. Inspired by the nature of Seychelles local artists have created a piece of art on the items which one can use use every day and remind every day about sunny Seychelles

Size of the mug 250ml

Starfish size- 7cm

Starfish material-polymer clay

As handmade object this mag is not recommended to be used in dishwasher and/or microwave

Use soft washing materials.

Locally made craft items always carry a bit of Seychelles heart in each product.
Recycled bottles are small and will make a perfect part of the décor.
Size of the bottle 13cm x 5cm

Handmade in Seychelles, small bottle unique present, an ideal souvenir for your friends, close ones, guests.

the bottle is filled with sand, shells from Seychelles.

Add your own mystery note to the bottle.

Recycled product, size: hight 13cm, diameter 5cm

Handmade Interactive toys, prepared with love from Seychelles.

Looking for the best present to interact with kids? Get a set for them to find out about animals from different worlds,

The price is for the set of 5 toys.

Each set contains 5 different animals:

Sea world, farm and wild animals.

Puppets can help children to learn rhymes and songs as they imitate the puppet too. There are a number of motor skills that children can improve through playing with puppets. The fine movement required to wear a puppet helps with dexterity and using fingers to manipulate the puppet improves fine motor coordination.

Puppets change the entire classroom by creating more possibilities for creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity. 


Classic present from Seychelles. Handmade fridge magnet in the shape of legendary Seychelles Turtle or Turtoise.

Find your favourite design.