Coco de Mer handmade pendant

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This exquisite handmade pendant showcases the natural beauty of the Coco de Mer, a rare and majestic palm tree native to the Seychelles. This pendant captures the essence of elegance and grace.

To add a touch of brilliance and sophistication, a mesmerizing rhinestone has been delicately embedded into the resin, reflecting light and enhancing the pendant’s allure. The rhinestone sparkles with a mesmerizing radiance, catching the eye and drawing attention to the Coco de Mer seed at its heart.

The pendant is carefully polished to a smooth finish, enhancing the natural contours of the Coco de Mer seed and creating a seamless fusion between organic beauty and artistic craftsmanship.

With its captivating Coco de Mer seed and dazzling rhinestone accent, this handmade pendant is a testament to the harmony of natural elements and artistic vision. Whether worn as a personal talisman or gifted to a loved one, it is a treasure that embodies the allure of the Seychelles and the timeless beauty of nature’s creations.

Coco de Mer size: 2.5cm x 2.5 cm,

Pendant is attached to a waxed cord,

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"Yellow", "Clear Pink", Cream beige", " Cream Pink"


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