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Stained Glass Painting Art of Seychelles

If you are not indifferent to art, Seychelles is the place to come for it. Whether you want to buy one or find the place with absolute tranquility and let your talent be revealed, you will no doubts find something to your taste in Seychelles.

And while Seychelles famous artists are creating new masterpieces to amaze the world with their absolutely unique vision of the Seychelles beauty, others try themselves in new types of art.

One of the arts appeared in Seychelles few years ago is the stained glass painting.

The eighth wonder of the world, stained glass is a child of light and colors, which are so vibrant in Seychelles. The play of colored shadows on the floor and walls from stained glass turns ordinary world into fabulous, filling the interior with the atmosphere of festivity and solemnity.

It is absolutely incomparable feeling of the glass in your hands which has become alive with the painting on it or of the sparkles of the flames of the ocean waters on a picture which takes you for a moment back to Seychelles. Stained art painting can turn any glass(and not only) object into into a piece of art.

Such a picture,vase, candleholder or magnet will become an exceptional part of any decor or serve as a gift, always reminding about wonderful moments of your stay in the Seychelles.

Even if in the current world situation not all can visit Seychelles, it is still possible to get this feeling of the warmth of the island sun and depth of the colors of the nature.

Isn’t it amazing that now there is this option of keeping emotions about wonderful times or just get this exact picture or image which was the most memorable in this wonderful location transferred to the glass? As any handmade souvenir stained glass painted art can be created on your request with the colors and shapes your imagination wants.

Even the shortest stories in our lives can be left with us forever. Just one petal reminds us of the smell of a flower. Believe me, the pearl shine of stained glass art will always make you forget about everything for a moment and at least for a second return to the paradise island, which has given you so many warm and sweet memories.

Small islands and with its big heart and magnetism of beaches can be closer today with a piece of art or item you get for yourself or close ones.

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