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Sun Printing Art of Seychelles

The energy of the Sun.

The Sun is a key to all our lives and a sunny day makes us all happier. There are various ways the Sun energy is being used- in technologies, in farming, but, did you know that the sun is also great for making a myriad of photographic prints. Over the years many different approaches have been devised to use the suns power to make prints.  This time we will tell you about using sun energy to create something new in fashion and souvenir industry.

Once we have been asked if there is fashion in Seychelles. For which one can say, you would faster find art in Seychelles, than fashion, but the fashion of Seychelles is in every color which surrounds you, every sound and scent which becomes your lifestyle. Artists all of over the world are seeking for the inspiration. Seychelles is one of the places in the world to receive this inspiring motivation.


Today sustainability and recycling becomes one of the important parts of tourism worldwide and Seychelles as well.

Seychelles was at the top African Country to meet Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. Consumers nowadays prefer to use brands which use suppliers and companies that are equally focused on eco-efficiency in their products during all stages of production, from manufacturing to distribution. Seychelles are committed to ensuring the sustainability of its own products by increasing bio-renewable content in our products, improving plant recyclability, and reducing waste.

Seychelles is the country with tropical climate, it is hot in Seychelles all year round, except when the southeast trade winds prevail, there is a dry and slightly cooler season, though the Sun is almost always there.

Seychelles artists  focus on using solar energy as well and create amazing art products, which one can find in our shop today- hand printed or as they say sun printed textiles.

Sun printing is based on the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since its development in the 19th century. Objects that eclipse the sun’s light will show up in white, with the rest of the paper turning a vibrant Prussian Blue. Gradients between these two ends are easy to achieve.

Sun printing is a fascinating way of transferring patterns to a textile. Local artists are using natural items as leaves, branches and other plants to create the design on the fabric.


It definitely makes sense to state that 100 % cotton fabrics are being used to portray the designs. Nowadays artists use various colors, not limited to the blue color only.

After painting your textile (you can choose if it is heavy, medium or light cotton to be used for your scarf or pareo), they put various items on the textile. After this they leave it in the sun to dry, and beautiful motifs will appear on the textile.

Pick any of your overlay items. Everything from leaves and flowers to sticks and is going to fit beautifully. Design a piece of theme and make it exciting!

Carefully put your preferred materials on the fabric.  Mind, none of them are wet (or your hands) as they can spot the fabric. Take the fabric outside and lie flat under sunlight. To create such will be difficult on  rainy or really overcast days, but don’t worry about a few clouds. The powerful UV rays will still make their work!

Here are just a few samples of how beautiful—and creative—these crafts can be!

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